Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Lee Mount - Tuesday 9th August

Cooler  at 10c with a breeze with some shelter in the garden and some cloud

 Not sure about this small Pug (wing length 10mm)

This is the same pug as above. (The colour looks different, from the flash I think, but it is the same - in reality it did look grey rather than brownish)

 July High-flyer
 Six-striped Rustic
Not sure about this one - maybe Square-spot Rustic (?) c16mm wing length and slightly smaller than the Six-stripe Rustic

Lesser Broad-Bordered Yellow Undewing x 4
Large Yellow Underwing x 9
Dark Arches x 3
Dunbar x 2
Brimstone x 1
Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix x 1


AndyC said...

Is there any Juniper near you house Dave.??

David Sutcliffe said...

One very small Juniper and a few other cupressus and that's about it.

AndyC said...

Looks a bit like Juniper Pug...but not sure..have you still got it.??

David Sutcliffe said...

No it left the trap this morning as I opened it.

Alastair said...

Dave, bottom one is indeed Square-spot Rustic. I'd be thinking Ling Pug, but they are tricky.