Saturday, 27 August 2016

Lee Mount - 26th August

Cooler at 10c with clear sky with no wind. Pretty quiet on the whole and where were all the Large Yellow Underwings !!!
This one below was a first for here...pretty sure the i d is correct ?
Centre-barred Sallow
Centre-barred Sallow x 1
Iron Prominent x 2 (both different slightly worn ones from the one the previous one on the 24th)
Large Yellow Underwing x 4
Square-spot Rustic x 3
Riband Wave x 1
Common Marbled Carpet x 1 (with the orange blaze)
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing x 1
Silver Y x 1
Lesser Yellow Underwing x 1
Iron Prominent

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AndyC said...

When you start getting Sallows you no its favourite moths