Thursday, 25 August 2016

Lee Mount - 24th August

16c after a very hot and humid day. Overcast and calm at 21:00 with wind increasing by 23:00 when I shut the trap down.
 Wonder if this is Buff Footman ? - new one for here if it is
 Iron Prominent
Struggled with this one till Jen put me right !!
A fantastic looking moth though we have had them here before.
 Not sure about this one - first thought was Lesser Yellow Underwing but those red veins have thrown me and the moth is a bit worn out anyway but the black dots on the wing corners would discount Lesser Yellow Underwing I guess though it was about that size !
 Antler Moth
Garden Carpet
In addition to the above..
Large Yellow Underwing x 39
Willow Beauty x 1
Square-spot Rustic x 3
Copper Underwing agg x 1
Riband Wave x 1
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing x 1
Small Phoenix x 1
Lesser Yellow Underwing x 4
Single-dotted Wave x 1
Brown China-mark x 1


AndyC said...

Looks ok for buff..did you get any other pics..?

AndyC said...

Looks a bit worn the Underwing type

David Sutcliffe said...

No more pics of the Underwing so best let that one go I think