Sunday, 23 July 2017

1513 White Plume Moth Pterophorus pentadactyla ABH 45.030

Hebden Bridge 22nd July 2017 Light Rain Heavy circa 12;30

Here is a few shots of the  45.030 BF1513 White Plume Moth Pterophorus pentadactyla

The last record I have was   a visit in Glaphorne Cow Pastures in 2015 on a Black Hairstreak and Wood white Visit with Andy / Linford

The Specimen was found Nectaring on  Ragwort adjacent to Bindweed Convolvulus its larval host so might be a good time for finding specimens for rearing


VC Distribution

Other entomology

Philaenus spumarius Meadow Froghopper
Rhagonycha fulva  Common Red Soldier Beetle
Pentatoma rufipes Red-legged Shieldbug (Forest)

Scarabidae possibly Aphodius rufipes


Botany - Survey to Be Added

Common Figwort
Cow Parsley
Sweet william
Herb Robert
Common Birds Foot Trefoil
Bird Cherry
Greater Bindweed
Field Bindweed
Evening Primrose
Whjite Clover


AndyC said...

White Plume is a beauty ...

charlie streets said...

A fantastic little spot Colin, could have spent all night with a net and torch, and camera if I had taken it with me :-(

Nice photo.

Colin D said...

Thanx Charlie Nice to have your input on micros shame the rain stopped play

charlie streets said...

Colin, can I use your pic of the White Plume for my blog please?

If so can you send me a copy?

Colin D said...

Hi Charlie of Course fill you boots :-)