Saturday, 9 June 2018


I'm out of hospital a day later than expected. I suffered a serious drug reaction with Oxycodone, an opiate used for treating severe pain after major surgery. I was ill for two days with it; convulsions, sickness, confusion, delirium. My whole body was buzzing, and I was wired as if I was on amphetamines, I didn't sleep for two days. I needed to wear an oxygen mask for 12 hours to help me breath. I'm still not free from the side effects. You can have no idea how ill it made me. It would be nice, just once, if someone could come up with a pain drug which didn't not turn me into a basket case. I had the same reaction a few years ago with Tramadol, another opiate drug. How people take these things for kicks is beyond me.

When they call it major surgery, they are not  kidding, I have a 7 inch scar and wonderful bruising the whole length of my leg, it's such FUN! They use a hammer and chisel to just open the shin bone for starters. I hope no one was eating as they read that, sorry.
Spire hospital is wonderful, so are the staff, the food... inedible. I sent the last three days meals back. It's the new, streamlined Gordon. I'm glad to be home, I've just had three and a half hours sleep, and woke looking forward to some pain killers. Pain killer sandwiches are us! I'm off to bed again now, two hours up was enough. I'm worn out. From here, the only way is up!

Thanks for all the good wishes.

Oh, The Knot Grass is still here, along with a pale brown, delta shaped one. It's too high up for ID. WS is about 1 inch, possibly a little more.

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David Sutcliffe said...

Glad to see you are on the up now Gordon. Nice and steady does it.