Wednesday, 27 June 2018

VC 63 Garden Moths 25h June 2018

Monday 25th June 2018

Weather : Still Warm Dry circa 18 -20 0

Other Entomology    Orange Ladybird, Hedgehog !! aside trap

Notes  Due to the large Volume of Recording Work . Images will be added later. and will be likely Micro Moths either TBC or for ID
Moth For ID means unknown for identification
Moth TBC means The embedded image contains a plausible ID TBC

MV125 W Robinson  Urban Garden

ABH  70.100  BF1776  Green Carpet Colostygia pectinataria X1
ABH  73.342  BF2107  Large Yellow Underwing Noctua pronuba   X3
ABH  70.226  BF1906  Brimstone Moth Opisthograptis luteolata  X15
ABH  70.252  BF1931  Peppered Moth Biston betularia  X3
ABH  72.003  BF2477  The Snout Hypena proboscidalis X4
ABH  63.025  BF1376  Small Magpie Anania hortulata  X4
ABH  73.113  BF2306  Angle Shades Phlogophora meticulosa  X1
ABH  70.054  BF1727  Silver-ground Carpet Xanthorhoe X1
ABH 49.039   BF998    Light Brown Apple Moth Epiphyas postvittana X3
ABH 72.045   BF2050  Common Footman Eilema lurideola  X2
ABH 70.016   BF1713  Riband Wave Idaea aversata
ABH 73.317   BF2089  Heart & Dart Agrotis exclamationis
ABH 72.024   BF2064  Ruby Tiger Phragmatobia fuliginosa
ABH 63.067   BF1338  Eudonia lacustrata X1
ABH 70.258   BF1937  Willow Beauty Peribatodes rhomboidaria x2
ABH 72.031   BF2069  The Cinnabar Tyria jacobaeae x1
ABH 69.016   BF1991  Elephant Hawk-moth Deilephila elpenor x1 worn
ABH 73.162   BF2321  Dark Arches Apamea monoglypha
ABH 70.085   BF1765  Barred Yellow Cidaria fulvata
ABH 63.080   BF1293  Chrysoteuchia culmella
ABH 25.001   BF450    Hawthorn Moth Scythropia crataegella
ABH 73.017   BF2443  Plain Golden Y Autographa jota
ABH 63.067   BF1338  Eudonia lacustrata                         
ABH 73.274   BF2154   Cabbage Moth Mamestra brassicae TBC
ABH 73.173   BF2337  Marbled Minor Oligia strigilis
ABH 72.031   BF2069  The Cinnabar Tyria jacobaeae x1
ABH  70.037  BF1681  Clay Triple-lines Cyclophora linearia


ABH 73.162   BF2321  Dark Arches Apamea monoglypha


2477 The Snout Hypena proboscidalis.ABH 72.003


ABH 73.017   BF2443  Plain Golden Y Autographa jota




ABH 70.085 BF1765    Barred Yellow Cidaria fulvata


1376  Small Magpie Anania hortulata ABH  63.025


ABH  63.067 BF1338   Eudonia lacustrata



ABH 25.001   BF450    Hawthorn Moth Scythropia crataegella TBC





ABH 73.274 BF2154    Cabbage Moth Mamestra brassicae TBC


The Presence of the Curved Spur on the  front Tibia Confirms this


see  LINK

ABH  70.037  BF1681  Clay Triple-lines Cyclophora linearia



AndyC said...

Barred Yellow is a good one and not been recorded locally for a few years...

David Sutcliffe said...

Thanks for the Hedgehog record Colin. Most records I get are of dead ones and even they are scarce !

AndyC said...

There was a dead one at Northowram the other day ...very sad to see

David Sutcliffe said...

Thanks Andy - they don't seem to have a chance with the traffic on today's roads.