Monday, 7 June 2010

damselfly I.d please!

Just a quick I.d problem! Went to holiday in norfolk over the holiday and on thursday we went to pensthorpe. plenty of damselflys but me and my dad are unsure about this one. It is obviously a red eyed or a small red eyed but I cant decide. look hard enough and you should see some blue on segment 1 (a feature of small red) plus there is some red sheen on the back (also a feature of small red) but there is no blue on segment 8 (red eyed feature) nor is there a noticable ammount of blue behind the head (a feature of red eyed). please could somebody help me. Cheers
p.s. also had my first swallowtail, black tailed skimmer and banded demoiselle


AndyC said...

I reckon its a red eyed,..

dishfish said...