Sunday, 27 June 2010

Recent records

Thursday 24th Cunnery Woods
Lime Hawkmoth (above)
Lotsof damselflies down by the pond
Friday 25thShibden Park
Chimney Sweeper
Traping over weekend 25th/26th Hipperholme
Garden carpet
Clouded border
Peppered moth
Small magpie
Large yellow underwing x2
Ingrailed clay
Comon wainscot
Silver ground carpet
Map winged swift
Buff ermine
Flame shoulder x2
Straw dot x2
Dark fruit tree tortrix
Other in garden over weekend
Large white
Small copper
Speckled wood
Large red damselfly


AndyC said...

Its been a good year for Lime Hawkmoths so far,seem to be all over the place.

Chris said...

It was the first one I had ever seen, I could not place it till I got home and checked the book.