Wednesday, 2 June 2010

News from Todmorden 01 06 10

Hi all,finally back on line ! im doing well for parasitica,even wasps emerged from an emperor cocoon ! is nothing sacred,thats least a Sallow Kitten emerged on 30 05 10,course it was the middle of the night,anyway thought id make a collage of most of the stages,regards Bri.


AndyC said...

Good to have you back on line Bri and greatlife cycle shots... hope mine come out soon.

Winston said...

Welcome back Brian. Great photo montage. Win

charlie streets said...

Welcome back Bri.Mothing at its best - well done!

I have 3 target species that I want to find and rear this year on Sallow - Puss Moth, Poplar Hawkmoth and Sallow Kitten none of which I've seen before.Apparently the eggs aren't too hard to find!