Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Midgley Moths

We have made some modifications ( put card round the inside to make it darker) to the Actinic trap which seem to have made it more moth friendly as we have gone from around 3-4 a night to 10-15, not as many as some folk I know but still an improvement. Have also tried moving it around to attract more moths so will see what happens.

Recent Moths include :
Orange Swift
Flame Shoulder
Scalloped Hazel
White Ermine
Ingrailed Clay
Silver Ground Carpet
Common White Wave
Beautiful Golden Y
Clouded Silver

Have put on some pictures of a couple of Pugs which we are unsure of ID (is one Foxglove Pug?)
And have put the Beautiful Golden Y on because it's a belter!


martynbirder said...

Foxglove Pug, Toadflax comes out later

nice BGY, always good to get

glad your getting some decent Moths, I'm getting almost nothing in this poor weather


AndyC said...

Orange swift is a good 1 did u get a pic.??

Sandra Carter said...

Unfortunatley not, it was a bit flighty but checked in book and don't think it was a Common Swift as it was quite orange and the lines were straighter rather than blobby, but if in doubt best not count it. If it comes again will get a photo!

Sandra Carter said...

Are both the pugs Foxglove Pug? Anyone know what the bottom one is, couldn't find anything like it in the book!

martynbirder said...

no idea on the bottom one, I get a lot like that, both the others are Foxglove