Saturday, 26 June 2010

News from Northowram

Well what a week that was ,In the field the Ghost Moths peaked at 435,Small magpies 150,Silver ground Carpets 75,Straw Dot and Snouts,At least 55 species of Macro moths in the trap mainly common local species,Green Arches ,Peach Blossom,Green Silver lines ,Broom Moth,Common Swift,Green Pug,Narrow winged Pug,White/Buff ermine , Burnished Brass,4 hawks and my one and only angle shades for the year ,a realy great week for moth trappers.The only downer is not enough time to sort out the hoards of micros ..............ah well


Iain G said...

What's the Moth in the pic? Can't believe the exotics you pull in Andy, especially those recent Hawks.

AndyC said...

Sorry its a Green Arches ..