Sunday, 13 June 2010

Recent sightings and trappings

A few records from the past couple of days

Friday 11th June
Langfield Common
Latticed heath
Small heath
Small tortoiseshell
Lots of whites
Orange tip

Saturday 12th June
Trapping - garden in Hipperholme
1x Pale tussock
1x Heart & dart
1x Common marbled carpet
(Unfortunately my girlfriend turned the trap off at 2am as there was a lot of noise in the area and she did not want anyone coming into the garden)

Sunday 13th June
Trapping - garden in Hipperholme
4x Pale tussock
4x Heart & dart
1x Clouded bordered brindle
1x bright line brown eye

1 comment:

AndyC said...

been a superb year for Pale Tussocks locally.