Thursday, 17 June 2010

A few hawks

Last night was the first time I had all four common local Hawkmoths in the trap 3 Poplars,1 Lime,2 Elephant anf 1 small Elephant,along with 12 Beautiful Golden Y,Gold spot,Peppered Moth and 4 Small angle Shades(I have not had Angle Shades this year so far??).250 Ghost moths last night with 20 pairs in cop and at least 200 + Small Magpies in the field at dusk.


Nick Carter said...

Thats it, we give up!! :) Can't seem to get much at all. I'm moving to Northowram.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Andy
As you suggest the four Hawkmoths we seem to get in Calderdale but any idea why we do not get Eyed Hawkmoth ? Its always seemed a rather wierd that its rarely if ever recorded in Calderdale. Food plants occur and the climate seems to be right so why no Eyed Hawks, less attracted to MV lights perhaps ? Although saying that I did lots of searching and beating for Cats and never found Eyed Hawk locally.

By the way, are you lot getting many Silver Y at the moment ? There have been thousands of them all along the coast here in the last 2/3 weeks. Everytime I water my allotment or pot veg garden at the caravan loads of Silver Y are flushed out by the hose. Decent numbers of Broad Bodied Chasers and Banded Demoiselle around as well though Damselflies seem scarce in general.

Butterflies are up to 15 species now.

The bird feeding station is costing me a fortune as seemingly millions of young birds and parents turn up from around 4 am until 10pm daily.

Good views of pods of Harbour Porpoises yesterday as I fished from the seahore near the van. Plenty of Pollock caught which are now cleaned and ready for the BBQ tonight (stuffed with lime butter they are delicious) some home grown asparagus for a starter, a few bottles of Saviginon Blanc to wash it down and some Winkles (lightly boiled and then eaten with an olive oil,Dijon mustard and white wine dip)collected yesterday for nibbles to go with any wine left over....its hard life here on the coast :-))

PS Nick, move to the Llyn Coast mate far better than Northowram. Its sunnier, more wildlife and I bet you cannot nip to a mates farm for cup of coffee and come home with half a spring lamb and some pork joints from home grown stock for the freezer in Northowram like I did yesterday here on he Llyn :-))

Winston said...

I am packing my bags!

no, Paul no invasion of silver Y, but many more Silver-ground Carpet than usual.


AndyC said...

Brian has now recorded two Eyed Hawks to light in Tod and Charlie found one at Elland.They might just be colonising and these may relate to expaning populations elsewhere,??