Friday, 18 August 2017

Copley, 15.8.17

Another nights trapping int he garden, and bombarded early on by LYU.

1405 Mother of pearl
1712 Riband wave
1722 Flame carpet (below)

2000 Iron Prominent
2017 Large yellow Underwing x26
2109 Lesser Yellow Underwing x2

1 micro that I cannot seem to pin down (below)

For Charile, below is the one I thought was Udea fulvalis, can you confirm or give me a correct ID, thanks.


charlie streets said...

Hi Chris,
Your micros are Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix and Udea lutealis.

Gordon Jackson said...

Chris, what a catch, almost 1100 moths, I was stunned! You must have been worn out after it all. As for the Udea luealis, I saw my first one 2 years ago in Whitby. This year, I've had two by the door. It's strange how these things happen. I bet I don't see another for a long time now. Well done, it was an a Stirling effort.