Monday, 14 August 2017

Stainland., 14 Aug. 2017. (Amended post).

A nice selection this morning:
3 Marbled Beauties
1 Blastobasis -the pale form
1 Garden Rose Tortrix
1 Riband Wave - banded form
1 Honeysuckle Moth

(I forgot to add the two following moths, call it old age).
1 Edonia lacustrata
1 Common White Wave Cabera pusaria (TBC)

I'm only showing the moths I've not posed before.

 Garden Rose Tortrix

Riband Wave - banded form

 Honeysuckle Moth

Honeysuckle Moth

I think I identified the next moth correctly, but hopefully, someone will provide the right ID for it. It's very worn, but I think it's a Common White Wave.

Common White Wave (TBC)

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Gordon Jackson said...

Andy, I've looked at a lot of photos of Single Dotted Wave, compared to photos of the Small Fan Footed Wave. The Small Fan-footed Waves seem mainly not to have dark banding. I'm assuming my sample must a very worn, less common dark banded form, (judging by photos on the net).