Friday, 11 August 2017

The last few days

Last Saturday evening was deathly calm so I had a wander up the road to the local graveyard to check out some Ragwort for nectaring moths. Just one of the half a dozen clumps had moths feeding on it but it was interesting none the less. A Cloaked Minor above, (thanks Richard for the ID) was very worn but a lifer for me and a Common Pug (below) and Smoky Wainscot made up the rest.

A trip to Cromwell Bottom on the 10th  found a couple of interesting miners. Stigmella speciosa (above) on Sycamore is quite scarce locally and a Buccalatrix cidarella on Alder is also infrequently recorded.
On the 9th this Gypsonoma dealbana was found on New Lane bringing my life list to 496 - maybe next week if conditions are right I'll hit the magic 500 mark............


richard bartlett said...

Hi Charlie,
The Minor is a Cloaked Minor.

charlie streets said...

Hi Richard,
Thanks for the correction, I'll have to get the books out to see where I went wrong - knew I should have stuck to micros :-)