Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Stainland. Early Evening 29 Aug. 2017.

Anne and I were doing some Autumn gardening when she disturbed three moths.

2 x Garden Carpets.
1 x Light Brown Apple moth.

I assume that there will be a lot more LBA moths and Garden Rose Torts in our garden, also several other small ones. We have a large hedge for them to hide in, plus many small shrubs in pots.

Garden Carpets.

In case anybody was wondering, I always remove as many spider's webs that are near moths as I can. I know spiders have to eat, but I'd rather not have the moths which visit us killed by them. I did remove the webs in the above photo, but only after I took the shot. Garden Carpets are readily disturbed, I didn't want to miss the chance of a photo.


David Sutcliffe said...

I do the same Gordon with the spiders and webs around the light trap. Those spiders don't half move quick when something gets in them - they pounce ! I hate to see the nice moths get trapped.
Though some of the larger moths seem to fly straight through them but the web must restrict their movements for a while.

Gordon Jackson said...

Davis: Spider silk, in general, is widely regarded as the strongest natural fabric known, at least half as strong as a steel thread of the same thickness, and much more elastic.


Spiderweb and moss was used on wounds in the past. it's very sticky stuff too.

Gordon Jackson said...

David, if you are interested, there are quite a few good videos on how spiders build webs. I watched one make a web in our garden a few years ago, it was amazing. You can see them do it at the following links: