Thursday, 17 August 2017

Stainland 17 Aug 2017

4 x Blastobasis adustella.
4 x Light Brown Apple.
3 x Marbled Beauties.
3 x Garden Rose Tortrix.
1 x unidentified moth.

15 moths is a record for me. The Light Brown Apples all have different markings. I've made a single image of all four, for ease of comparison.

Light Brown Apple moths.

This Garden Rose Tortrix has different marking to the other two so I'm showing that. For  some reason, the three I have here today, all have, (more or less) the same markings.

Garden Rose Tortrix.

Now for the unknown one. It's a poor old veteran of several battles, but it  has survived so far. I thought it may be a Lesser Yellow Underwing at first. As I could see no noctuid kidney marks, I dismissed the idea. Does anyone recognise it?


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