Sunday, 12 April 2009

Broadhead Clough/last night

Oak beauty (pic B.Leesey)
An excellent evening at this mixed woodland setting.We also got the target species of Oak Beauty which seems to be more widespread than previous records suggested.A good turn out of local moffers as well with some great net work from Charlie. (AC,WP,MH,BL &CS)
Oak Beauty 1
Brindled Pug 2
Chestnut 2
Small Quaker 11
Common Quaker 8
Early Thorn 3
Early tooth- striped (not Mottled Grey) 1
Clouded Drab 4
Twin Spot Quaker 2
Hebrew Character 5
Sattellite 1
Early Grey 1
Dieurnea Fagella 1
E.subpurpella 10+

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Winston said...

Hi all

A really great night out. Just reinforces how unpredictable moth trapping is. In my trap this morning - 1 Hebrew Character and 2 common Quakers :-(