Sunday, 19 April 2009


Hi,best day ive had for emperors,at least 15 at whiteholme drain,3 common heaths,another 5 or so emperors at north end of warland,all males careering about over heather,couldnt get any to land though,got a few acleris hyemanas ,and a eriocrania sp on heather(pic above),i might keep and see if it can be checked out,prob common and been blown up there,but you never know.saw 3 of those spectacular beetles,think ive seen em referred to as goldsmith beetles ! a couple of hours at withens car park might be worth a go what do you think !Brian L


charlie streets said...

Looks like subpurpurella to me - they're everywhere at the moment, had one one on my bedroom window yesterday afternoon and I'm a fair way from any oaks.

AndyC said...

Nick Dawtry reports at least 30 Emperors flying around North Tower today(monday)

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Andy...the beetle you saw was most likely Carabus nitens. This is a notable species and should be reported with GR if possible to They are very keen on all records of this species for the Ground Beetle recording scheme.