Thursday, 23 April 2009

Midgley Moth Night Wednesday 22nd

Another good night with the following caught:

1 Twenty-plume Pug
2 Double Striped Pug
2 Autumn Green Carpet
3 Early Grey
1 Common Quaker
2 Hebrew Characters
1 Brindled Pug
1 Swallow Prominent
1 Unknown Pug Sp.

Will put photos on later, seem to be having problems with it at the moment!


AndyC said...

And 1 Agonopterix heracliana,

Winston said...

nice to know it was a success. Nothing much happening here tonight.


AndyC said...

Was it a Swallow P or a Lesser Sw P.??

Sandra Carter said...

Looks like a Lesser Swallow Prominent to my un-trained eye! Will try and put photos on tonight, computer was a bit slow last night.

Nick Carter said...

Have now posted photo of Lesser Swallow Prominent,is this the correct ID?