Friday, 3 April 2009

Thursday night Midgley

A good night with the following trapped

8 Hebrew Character
7 Early Greys
3 Common Quaker
2 Small Quaker
1 March Moth
1 Yellow Horned
2 Mottled Greys
1 twin spot Quaker


Winston said...

Hi Nick

A good nights works there

Winston. Will you be free on Wed, I think Andy is planning another trapping night(Weather permitting, which it may not be). Watch this blog!


oldsoulrebel said...


I got Early Grey 4
Common Quaker 2
Hebrew Character 4

and that was using two traps!

your on a roll Nick


Nick Carter said...

Should be OK, we have a stint in the local volunteer run shop until around half past seven but could join you after that. Got anywhere in mind? You could always come to the woodland along Heights Road just outside Midgley?

AndyC said...

Heights Road sounds good but the weather looks a bit iffy for Wens but I will give it a go if there is a good spot to put the trap.???

Nick Carter said...

There's a public footpath/track that runs down off Heights road into the wood, might be OK on there? If your calling up on Monday have a drive on and see what you think, the track is through the gate on your left by the bends.

AndyC said...

I am a bit short of time this week we could do a trap in your back garden on Wenesday night and then I could leave the trap with you.What do you think (is mid week ok with neibours??)

Nick Carter said...

That would be OK, I think the neighbours know we are mad anyway! lets wait and see what the weather does. Will have to do my cover in the local shop first so couldn't really start until half sevenish.

Winston said...

Nick... Its looking like a back Garden Session!

can you give me details of your house.

You can get me on or leave a message on here.

Keen to come along tomorrow (WIth 9 yr old daughter Maisy, if thats ok with everyone)


Nick Carter said...

Fine by me Winston, we're meeting around 8 o clock, directions are on a later post on this blog.