Sunday, 26 April 2009

Midgley 25th April 2009

Another new one last night, Iron Prominent (we think!) plus an interesting micro moth, not sure what it is so any suggestions welcome!

Also photos from Wednesday at Midgley and Monday at Withens Clough, sorry for the dealy but was having problems with the computer.


charlie streets said...

Yes to Iron Prominent and the micro looks like Agonopterix arenella.

Nick Carter said...

Thanks Charlie, I reckon micros will have to wait a while yet!

charlie streets said...

I know what you mean Nick, I know of a few seasoned moth-ers who leave micros well alone, but just remember some micros are bigger and/or easier to ID than some macros (pugs mainly).

I wouldn't discriminate between families if I were you, just do ones you feel happy with.Pyralids are a great introduction to micros with quite a few being "relatively" large and distinctive.

oldsoulrebel said...

great stuff Nick, not a bean here last night, well 1 earwig,

can't seem to post any photo's lately but I've had

Purple Thorn
V-Pug and White-spotted Pug this last few days amongst the usual