Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Northowram ,Only House wood.

Put some sugar out yesterday afternoon and when I returned late last night there were 19 Chestnut and 1 Sattellite i also found 2 female and 3 male(male and female in cop top pic )of Diurnea fagella whilst tree searching.This is the first female I have seen of this species as I have only seen males at light.
In the trap were 4 Common and 1 small Quaker,1 Mottled grey ,5 Early Grey,1 Early thorn ,6 heb Char,1 Clouded Drab and 1 diurnea fagella (male).


Winston said...

Hi Andy

What a great sighting (f Diurnea Fagella) pretty small to see too. Never seen a wingless femail of any species. Top job

Can We organise a local trapping night at some point next week (weather permitting), My daughter will also come along



AndyC said...

It looks flighless but in fact it can fly.
Wenesday is my only free day next week,open to suggestions as to venue.?

Did you check the sugaring posts.???

Winston said...

Hi Andy... No actually we didn't. not sure if we could have found them (Despite the excellent pics.
I was sure the sallowing would bring something but unfortunately not... Win

I remember nick suggested a site near him last time, don't really mind. Wed would be good though at the mo.

Start a seperate post when things are a bit better organised


AndyC said...

It may be worth a go at Cromwell Bottom near pixie wood.??will wait and see if the weather is going to be any good.??

AndyC said...

My last Sigmella aurella emerged today ,1 from Cromwell bottom and 3 from Northowram . 2 were raised in pots with soil ,1 spun up on the leaf and 1 spun up on the side of the plastic pot.A good result from the 8occupied mines i found.

charlie streets said...

That's amazing Andy, you certainly have the knack for it.If you have that sort of success with other stigmellas I'll be coming up to your place to photograph them all the time :-))

Trouble is though that for stigmellas (other than aurella) they don't get going until June/July at a time when everyone has traps full of moths to contend with and often leaf miners take a back seat.

Having said that,I plan to start looking for the eriocranias, coleophorids and elachistids before the month's end so will keep you posted.Let me know if you fancy a field trip sometime.

AndyC said...

I well up for it especially eriocranias, coleophorids ,there should be a few out soon if this weather continues.Its ok emptying the trap but this rearing and finding things in natural habitat is gripping.