Friday, 3 June 2016

Lee Mount

From last night with the trap on - though I only caught one (the Spectacle) in the trap the others were on the outside including 2 Small Phoenix
Hope identification is correct.....
 Common Pug
 Small Phoenix


AndyC said...

Ran the trap for the first time last night , collecting for Chris doing a talk at Ogden. Peach Blossom , Small Magpie , Pale Tussock , Ingrailed Clay , Bright line Brown eye , Spectacle ,Common Swift , Diamond backed Moth , Scalloped hazel , Green Pug , Common Pug and Freyers Pug...

David Sutcliffe said...

I spoke with Chris this morning. He sounded well pleased with the collection you had for him.
I had quite a few moths last night but not gone through the photos yet as been at Ringstone doing repairs to the hide. I might need some help with one or two !!!