Friday, 24 June 2016

Ogden & Cunnery Wood

Ogden - 21.6.16
Came across a swarm of bordered white (approx 8) near Skirden Clough.

Cunnery Wood - 22.6.16
An hour with a sweep net and a big stick near the entrance.
Nemophora degeerella
Small Skipper
Clouded Border
Nettle Tap
Silver Ground Carpet
Speckled Wood
Common White Wave
Peacock caterpillar


David Sutcliffe said...

Is the Cunnery Wood site on the other side of the road from the Shibden Hall top car park Chris ? Sounds a good spot !

Chris said...

Yes other side of road, go through the green gate then go left through a green gate and explore.

It is a pretty good spot and hopefully a little work on the meados over the last few year will begin to show this summer. Lots of thistles and wildflowers coming up. I am in there on Wednesday if you are around.