Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Lee Mount - 21st June

After Norland Moor's surprises I came home to a few more with 5 to check to see if my i d is correct - or not !? I am pretty sure the first is Ingrailed Clay fresh in  my mind from Norland Moor !
 Ingrailed Clay
 Cabbage Moth ?
 Bright-line Brown-eye ?
Marbled Beauty ?

Bordered White  (wouldn't open the wings)!

In addition to the above
Heart and Dart x 3
Small Magpie x 1
Miller x 1
Large Yellow Underwing x 2
Marbled Minor agg x 1
Peppered Moth x 1
Beautiful Golden Y x 3
Marbled Minor agg maybe - 10mm wing length


AndyC said...

Bordered White ...

David Sutcliffe said...

Yes of course. It's the same as in the plantation at Ogden earlier in the week - ta.