Thursday, 30 June 2016

Lee Mount - 29th June

Reasonably quiet but again managed a new moth - a Green Arches which was very nice surprise to find in the trap this morning.

Green Arches x 1
Buff Arches x 1
Heart and Dart x 1
Brimstone x 1
Marbled Beauty x 1
Marbled Minor agg x 1 ? (that's what I think - photo below )?
Bright-line Brown-eye x 1
Ingrailed Clay x 1
 Green Arches
Marbled Minor agg ? (wing length c13mm)
I have found using a compass (not a magnetic one of course) - but ones we used at school a long time ago ! Very useful and a little easier to use next to a moth  rather than a ruler which it can be checked against later.

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