Sunday, 26 June 2016

Lee Mount 24th June

Weather not very favourable but I did manage this Gothic which was fluttering about in the garden shed with a damaged wing but it did manage to fly off when I released it. These moths are really nice.
And this little creature below so small it was really difficult to get  a half-decent photo. I thought at first it was a fly on the window but it looks more moth like than anything else. Hardly even a 5mm wing span, really tiny. I haven't found anything remotely resembling this in the books yet. Any ideas welcome ?!!

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Colin D said...

Hi David the little creature and there quite a few species is a thing called Psychodidae or a Family of Flies called Moth Flies or Owl Midges their less glamorous name is drain flies as they are often assoiated with foul water . They are sadly . despite some really distinctive types difficult to get down to species