Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Bits and Bobbs

There are 32 records from 20 sites of Athrips mouffetell in Yorkshire. The only larval record is one from Derek Parkinson at Otley on 20/5/07.Many thanks Charlie Fletcher for the map.

There is an excellent article on hants moth
about leaf mines on Birch at this time of year with excellent photos by our very own Charlie Streets.
I will be at Cunnery wood this evening about 9ish if any one fancies seeing no Moths.I did find an Oak tree Pug,Loads of Adela Reaumurella displayiny,and a Phyllonorycter tristingella in the local wood this morning.So we may get something.

The RES Insect Festival is to be held on Saturday 4 July in the Museum Gardens, York. This is shaping up to be a very significant event, with a wide range of exhibits, trade stands, public talks, bug hunts, etc., to some extent replacing the event organised jointly by RES and AES at the Racecourse in some previous years. Dave Chesmore has booked a stand for the Lepidoptera Group. He needs volunteers to help run the stand, and also suggestions for topics and themes. He also needs good quality photographs of Yorkshire moths. If you can help Dave, please contact him on 01430 861964 or


charlie streets said...

Any chance of a photo of the pug Andy. I'm always trying to turn Brindled Pugs into one.

Also, any chance you might spell my name right one of these days :-))

AndyC said...

Sorry Charlie do I alwys miss the s of.
The Pug was on an oak tree when I disturbed it,it flew straight to ground and dissapeared(good oak tree Pug behaviour0,I had to wait until it emerged again and caught it.Its wingspan is bang on 20mm

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Guys
I hope you have the trap tied down tight tonight. If the wind is blowing half as bad as it here tonight gawd help you ! Its bad here tonight with winds touching 50/60 miles an hour and some tree branches have already blown down near the van. Assuming I survive the night it should be a good day for trunk hunting in the woods tomorrow finding larva blown down the tree.