Thursday, 21 May 2009

epiblema species

Harry beaumont has checked epiblema sp on 14 05 09, and confirms it is epiblema scutulana ,he says on size it is quite small for this species,but feeding on common knapweed could account for smaller moths .I thank harry for checking it out.Paul,had a quick check on woodsage,at ramsden wood today,found what looked like bitten through stems,like in yours and ians pics,but no larva as yet,will have a proper look when i get chance,interestingly found quite a few of the black larva spun up same as Andys.will keep you posted.all the best bri.


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

The larva is only one per plant and they are usually in the top part of the leaves in the bitten off section. The larva look like the growing tip of the plant and can be hard to spot. If they are getting ready to pupate they tend to migrate back down the stem below the bitten through part and pupate on the stem or leaves. Its well worth rearing through as the adult is quite stunning.

brian leecy said...

Cheers for that Paul,cant wait to get back there and check them out,adult in pic is very striking .