Saturday, 30 May 2009

damselflies elland gp

well the weather has paid off with a great visit to elland gp today,though a bit too early for any dragons it was ideal for damsel's.
upto 150 common blue damselflies along the river bank,30+ large red damselflies and best of all 3 azure damselflies. not sure on the latters status in calderdale but still a nice one to find.

large red damselfly

azure damselfly

also a painted lady this morning by the nestle factory


Nick Carter said...

Superb photos Darrel

darrell j prest said...

thanks nick 4 out of 213 is not bad!

AndyC said...

Great photos and well done with the Azures It would be good to find out just what species are around in Calderdale,May be there is someone in the HxSS who cpuld help.??

brian leecy said...

Hi Darrel,Good stuff with damsels ,Azures must be really good records,also watch out for banded demoiselles as ive seen 2 on rochdale canal near shade area todmorden, in last few years ,and ros picked up a dead 1 in same area a few years back,also they are seen in accrington area on canals,maybe nymphs are transported by boat from further south.Hope you are ok,prob see you around,all the best bri.