Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Langfield Edge,25 05 09

Hi all,tried a couple of hours at langfield last night,9 brown silver lines,2 dark brocade,3 glaucous shears,pic included,and 3 diamond back moths,rain got a bit heavy,so packed it in. 1st records of g shears for me .Paul,puss moth larva is amazing.all the best bri.


oldsoulrebel said...

cracking Moth that Brian, I've never seen one of those

perhaps we should have a mothing night at Langfield sometime


brian leecy said...

yes we could prob give it a try 1 night ,ive got my old generator stashed up there,its a bit noisy and flickery,i think it was a starboard engine off a lancaster bomber !! theres a small car prk opp sheps rest and 10 min walk,prob wont get many sp,but could get tasty ones.all the best bri.