Monday, 25 May 2009

Some photos from the Hebrides

I know these aren't from Calderdale but thought you might like to see some photos of moths we saw/caught whilst on the Outer Hebrides recently, very quiet for moths in the wind but we think we have Puss Moth, Pebble Prominent, Shears, Common Heath and Garden Carpet, are we correct? We tried very hard for Emperor Moth but although saw a couple of what probably were we couldn't be sure.


oldsoulrebel said...

yep I think your right with those Nick, Puss Moths are one of the best Moths around


Nick Carter said...

Very spectacular thats for sure, Sandra's expletives when she first saw one will be forever known as a "Puss Moth moment!"

oldsoulrebel said...

we had one in ther garden and it did cause a lot of exitment, Andy made it up here in about 2 minutes flat!