Wednesday, 13 May 2009

todmorden news

Hi all,not much to report at moment,coleophora serratella larva and case on birch,6 adela reaumurella,and this p quercifoliella found on oak leaf,nice p tussock winston.found some interesting spinnings on bilberry,will have to see what develops,im doing well at raising diptera at moment,charly,that white cocoon at broadhead on harts tongue was a tiny fly also ! all the best bri.


AndyC said...

East wind and rain is killing the trap results(ie nowt).Still loads of Adela reaumurella today and 1 Incurvaria mascuella,and P,quercifoliella and a few larvae in the Spun together leaves of Wood sage.

charlie streets said...

Hi Brian,

Good to see you posting OK, always interesting to read your posts.
That's an outstanding shot of the phyllo, much better than any of mine - I hate trying to get good shots of these tiny little critters.

Due to the lack of resident experts/mentors in my neck of the woods I've decided to give mothing a rest for the foreseeable but will follow your posts with great interest.

oldsoulrebel said...

just an earwig for me last night!

roll on some warm weather


oldsoulrebel said...

hiya Brian, nice to see your able to post


Winston said...

Hi Brian

Belting micro and a really great pic too. Are your computer problems behind you (I hope so).

Charlie - We can't survive without you! don't rest too long. lol

Martyn - we could start an earwig blog just for you.

andy - Have you seen m and f A reaumurella?


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Due to the lack of resident experts/mentors in my neck of the woods......but Charly you are the resident micro expert !!!

By all means dabble in other orders but don't forget that others on the blog are relying on you for tips and ID's relating to moths.

In my new neck of the woods recorders and experts are decidly thin on the ground. I have to post most of my requests on various Yahoo forums to try and work out what I have found. Its so bad it was even suggested that I become the VC49 coleoptera recorder and I can just about tell ladybirds from stag beetles. I had to politely decline, can you imagine someone sending me a beetle for confirmation and I have to tell them I know bugger all about beetles, apart from John, Paul, George & Ringo :-))

brian leecy said...

Can anyone recomend a decent sweep net for heather ! Paul,do you get ashworths rustic in your neck of the woods,hope the weathers better where you are,horrendous here at moment.ive got a few larva in cottongrass,which look like glyphipterix haworthana,anyone know if they pupate in the spun seedheads or do they move out of the seedhead,as iv found larva but never any pupa as yet,they emerge may/june i think ! all the best ,bri.