Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Clouded-bordered Brindle and a few other good lookers

now I know it's not a rare moth, in fact it's common but it is my first this year and a stunning looking one at that

Common Swift

I think this is a Grey Pine Carpet, anyone got any idea

Scalloped Hazel


Winston said...

Great pics.

brian leecy said...

Hi Martyn,looks more like a spruce carpet to me ,central bar is more lumpy,on the grey pine carpet it seems more smooth on most of the 1s i get anyway,there dosnt seem to be much in the way of diagonal marks or streaks on the wing tips,but can also be a bit vague on spruce also,the wavy line just above the outer wing edge is present as on spruce,and theres quite a bit of white dusting around central bar area,hope this all makes sense,all the best bri.

oldsoulrebel said...

cheers Brian, I always struggle with the Grey Pine/Spruce/Juniper Carpet group,

now how about looking at this big pug I've got