Friday, 8 May 2009

A Windswept rainy Cromwell Bottom

Oak tree Pug.?


Cat on Birch 16mm Long??
A bit of a wash out this morning just as i had found some E.cicatricella mines on birch and this cat the heavens openend and I had to bid a hasty retreat.Loads of Orange Tips and Speckled woods out before the rain.Any comments on the above would be appreciated.


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Andy
How many legs does the cat have as it looks distinctly sawfly-ish to me.

AndyC said...

Seems to have 3 long ones on each side at the frount.?

charlie streets said...

Those are the thoracic legs Andy - common to both leps and sawflies. It's the "stumpy" prolegs you want to look at.Sawflies have atleast 6 pairs and leps no more than 5 pairs.

Did the cicatricella mine have multiple larvae in. The ones I found also had distinctive green islands or blotches present.

Can't help with the pug I'm afraid.

AndyC said...

There are 6 sets of prolegs so it is a saw fly.Thanks to both of you for that.
The cicatricella mines had multiple larvae in 1 with 2 and 1 with 2 in and one out (photo)green islands /blotches were present in both.Hopefully get Sangii when the wind stops blowing.:)

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Andy
Do you have any other shots of the mystery cat and are you sure of the number of prolegs as its starting to look more like Winter Moth to me.