Monday, 25 May 2009

Puss Moth

Hi all
When we took my mother round Pwllheli a couple of weeks back she spotted a Puss Moth in the car park. On examining it I could see that it was a female and unfortunately someone had stood on it. It had a burst abdomen and some eggs were falling out of the poor thing. It was still alive and as it seemed in no distress I decided to keep it and see if it laid any eggs. Sure enough the next day it had laid loads of eggs in a tub. These have just hatched today and I have dozens of the little buggers feeding (I think) on Dwarf Sallow. The larvae are perhaps the most spectacular cat in Britain when they get larger and I wonder if anyone back home would like a dozen of so to rear through to show the kids ? Its easy enough to post them to anyone and as they feed on a wide range of Sallow sp and Aspen food should not be a problem.

Let me know if you want any and I will get them in the post in the next couple of days with some grub to keep em going. I am keeping some myself to rear through and any surplus will be released in a local lane with tons of Dwarf Sallow. The larvae look like the bottom piccy now but will soon turn into the spectacular beast in the top photo


Nick Carter said...

Sounds a very interesting thing to do but we would want to release them after they reach adulthood, is there a problem with doing that, are they fairly common around here?

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Nick
Its fine to release them in Calderdale as its common enough in the area.

Nick Carter said...

OK Paul we'll give it a go. What do we need to do when they start to pupate? Do they need soil to burrow into to?