Saturday, 30 May 2009

Hipperholme et al

Just spent a few days in Northumberland, and in response to Nick's post, there were lots of painted ladies along the hedgerows and fields around Bamburgh along with lots of Wall Browns.

Back in Hipperholme, yesterday afternoon lots of orange tips and large whites around the garden

I ran my trap last night, lots of flies, caddis flies and 2 moths.

1 Peppered moth
1 Flame shoulder (above)
Also ran the trap last Saturday night and got 1 pale tussock


oldsoulrebel said...

nice Moths Chris, it should be good tonight as well

we'll have to try that wood near Shibden again soon, sorry can't remember it's name


Chris said...

Cheers Martin

You seem to be doing a lot better than me.

I put out the trap and still only get one or two moths. I've tried moving it aound the garden but the same results. Will try another spot tonight and keep on trying.

We will have to arrange another night in Cunnery Wood. Should have some good finds after this nice weather.