Monday, 26 July 2010

Cromwell Bottom (lunch time stroll)

Had a quick look round tag Loop this lunch time which was quite produtive in light drizzle.
Shaded broad Bar x 15
Yellow Shell x 2
Common Carpet x 1
Latticed Heath x 3
Common wave x 3
Clouded Border x1
Small fan - Footed Wave x 1
Udea Lutealis x 2
Gatekeeper 50 +
Meadow Brown 20 +
Small Skipper 5
Large Skipper 2
Speckled Wood 2
Large white 1


brian leecy said...

Quite a meadow tag loop,need to sort an evening for Wainscots,whens ok for you ?

charlie streets said...

Might get off my bum and have a look at Tag Loop tommorow - I've never seen Shaded Broad-bar so my luck might be in!

I'll have a look at those Poplars at the crem for mines and some Sallow Kitten/Puss Moth/Poplar Hawkmoth larvae as well.

AndyC said...

Bri...Thursday,Sat or Sunday,Might do Withens clough car park on wednesday night permitting
Charlie...SBBar seem to be all over tag loop at the moment.