Monday, 5 July 2010

Dark Green Fritillary(keep an eye out in our area)

(these are two areas which I think may be worth a look)
Alan Holmes has brought to our attention a population of Dark Green Fritillaries just over the border at Sheddon Clough and suggested that we look for similar populations in our area.

The general habitat is slightly boggy with lots of Marsh Thistle growing amongst Juncas species. Common Spotted Orchids are present at this site, with a scattering of Cotton-grass (Sedge), Sphagnum and some other bog plants. This boggy area is one of several islands in an area of grass moorland, the chief species appearing to be Nardus.
The butterflies hide within the juncas and grass when it's windy, but come out to feed on the thistle flowers.
Dog Violet is likely to be present as this is the larval food plant, but this is not in flower at this time of year.
Suggested areas to look would be boggy areas around Widdop, Gorple, Walshaw, and any grass moors with some wet boggy flushes.
Happy hunting.


Iain G said...

On a related note does anyone know the likely status of Green Hairstreak locally after the harsh winter?
Has there been any sightings at all?

AndyC said...

Yes there were sightings from most of the usuall spots,Norland,Cold edge dams,Midgley moor and Walshaw dean .So looks like they made it through the winter.

Iain G said...

That's good news, cheers Andy.

TheBaldIbis said...

Wouldn't mind some site info on these too Andy. Previous years, I've looked but never found. Small Copper and Northern Eggars are also on my wants list.