Sunday, 4 July 2010

News from Northowram

Tawny Barred angle
Barred Red

Another busy week with barred Red and tawny barred angle being my favourites of the week.Loads of beautiful Golden Y's this week but close insection of these should reveal Plain Golden Y's had my first of the year last night.Also check all Riband waves at the moment for the very similar Plain Wave.The masses of Dark arches and Large Yellow Underwings will over run the traps but they are allways worth a count as the record for one night is 300 LYUnderwings.and 50 dark arches.
Planning another night in Knott Wood next weekend and one at Cromwell Bottom the week after..all welcome

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charlie streets said...

I had a golden y species a couple of days ago near a large nettle patch at dusk and never thought of checking for Plain Golden Y - I'll keep my eyes peeled in future!