Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Dark green fritillary and a hummingbird hawkmoth

Brian Cain saw the butterfly in Withens Clough on Sat. 10th July. It was flight-worn and probably a female, feeding from thistle flowers.

He says he has had, at a guess, 5 sightings over 20 years in Calderdale. He's not on the internet, and hasn't been so active in recent years due to ill health, but remains recorder with Halifax Scientific Society.

The hummingbird hawkmoth was feeding from jasmine in a garden in Hebden Bridge on Sunday 11th. Reported by Kerry McQuade and Helen Blackwell.


TheBaldIbis said...

Good news on the Frit. Any chance of more exact location info? Could do with info on local distribution of Marsh Thistle and Dog Violet to help track down any local populations. HSS might be able to help here.
Will work on the Frit vid soonish but may need to re-visit Sheddon for some close-ups.

AndyC said...

Pity Brian isnt on line as info like this and his local knowledge would be gratefully recived on this site,

AndyC said...

Did he manage to get and photos of any of these fritillarys over the years..????