Monday, 26 July 2010

Keep and eye out..

White Letter hairstreak at Manor Heath
I thought that one of the Calderdale team may be interested in the finding of one of the above in my garden last week feeding on Angelica flowers. I’m 95.5% certain of its ID and after checking its host realised it was elm! There is a wych elm growing in next doors garden, so I wondered if any body would be interested in determining if any eggs have been deposited on this tree. Is the white letter hairstreak common in Calderdale?

2 Heath Avenue
Manor Heath
Thanks for the info Lawrance

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brian leecy said...

they dont appear to be common,but possibly overlooked,i think winter is better for egg searching,a few years back eggs were found on just smallish regrowth of wych elm at hallwood todmorden,where there is 2 mature trees with lots of regrowth,apparently they adapted to breeding on this low regrowth ,maybe someone out there can shed some light on this,hope this is of some help regards Bri.