Thursday, 1 July 2010

News from Manor Heath

Last nights moths

Bordered White, Golden Plusia, Figure of Eighty, Swallow Prominent, Elephant Hawkmoth, Miller, Burnished Brass ( aurea), Buff Ermine, Water Carpet? and three Red Sword Grass earlier in the week. Apologies for late posting bit of a Neandertal and novice with Moths and IT. Wish I was 10! Pics to follow hopefully.



Nick Carter said...

A great list Sean! Are you using MV?

AndyC said...

Sean could you e-mail me the pic of water carpet.??

Sean Johnston said...

Thanks for your help tonight Andy, will get the image of Water Carpet to as soon a I can.
What's MV Nick

Sean J

Nick Carter said...

MV is mercury vapour, its a type of bulb. I'm no expert but as far as I know there are at least three bulb types for mothing, mercury vapour (the best I'm told), MBT which is mercury blended tungsten and similar to MV but doesn't need a fancy electrical bit called a choke and actinic which is like your bog standard insectocuter type bulb. I'm sure someone on here will correct me if I'm wrong!

Sean Johnston said...

Yes I am using MV! Seems obvious now you mention it.