Friday, 9 July 2010

Waves,Shells and Emeralds

Perfect conditions at Knott Wood last night with Scallop Shell (Nice one Tina),Welsh wave(2)Small yellow wave (4)Common Emerald(amazing 15)Large Emerald (14)Light emerald(15)Green Arches (6)Common lustering(3)Purple Clay(30) ,the highlights.There are only two other records for Common Emerald in Calderdale one from Knott wood last week and one from Todmorden last year ,its good to know this species has a good population at knott wood.


charlie streets said...

Wow! a busy and memorable night indeed Andy, you really seemed to have found a cracker of a site.

I reckon my body clock would take days to recover after a night like that!

AndyC said...

To see large emeralds flying around all over the place is worth it ,But it does play havoc with your body clock.......In fact Im off for a quick power sleep

Winston said...

marvellousstuff. Win