Friday, 23 July 2010

Dark Green Frit update

I keep working on Brian re going on line but I dont think it will happen any time soon.
I'll ask him about photos when I see him or get time to ring.
Great Blog by the way.

the site for DGF at Withens Clough was: park at res. Walk up the tarmaced lane which doubles back on the road up from the bottom. Brian showed us the spot which was about half way up to the trees.
Marsh thistles are the common upland thistle, on tall stems, sometimes up to 6ft. Purpley-pink, occasionally white flowers. Can imagine butterflies would feed from any thistle, though. (just 3 common ones - marsh, creeping and spear- )
Same with violets, for the cats to feed on. Many bogs have a little marsh violet in them - I've seen it at Dean Head (Scammonden) and top end of Stoodley Glen recently, though I've never seen the flowers.
Dog violet is only in and around gardens as far as I know, in Calderdale.
Good Luck! Steve


Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

Hi Guys
Thanks for the DGF updates from Calderdale. Due to the tips given Sur and I spotted out first DGF yesterday whilst out walking the hills. A beautifully marked female of the species, photos on my blog shortly.

Paul Talbot..aka Moffman said...

On closer inspection of the photos shown on my blog I noticed that the next to bottom photo shows the female actually egg laying on Marsh Violet. If you look closely you can see the tiny flower of this plant and the females abdomen curving under the plant to lay an egg. We are going back to the place to check for more violets and ova if possible on the next sunny day (assuming we get one of course this July !)

Anonymous said...

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