Friday, 30 July 2010

A Night of Mothing in Wakefield anyone??

Hi All,

I work at a place called the ABLE project in Wakefield, it is a 34 acre site comprising mainly of rough grassland with lots of thistle, nettle and bramble but also fringed by the river Calder and with various species of trees with some hawthorn hedgerow. We also have an allotment and orchard, to our east there is the Yorkshire water treatment works and a housing estate beyond that.

The bio diversity on site is incredible with 20 species of butterfly identified last year, numerous species of Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and birds also on site.

I'm hoping some of you maybe intrested in coming along one night to set up your moth traps and help us get a better picture of which moths use the area. We have power to the compound but to get good coverage any of you with a generator would be fanatstic.

If you are interested I'm sure food and hot drinks could be provided in return for your help.

Please either leave a comment or you can contact me either by emailing or by ringing the site 01924339994.

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for reading this far.


AndyC said...

What species of butterfly do you get.?/I am away for the next few weeks ...maybe next year.

AndyC said...

Your best getting a trap and running it for a year to see what youve got.Some species have a very short flight period and 1 nights trapping will produce little..

AndyC said...

I am sure there must be someone local to this site,who could help you out.??

Andrew Huyton said...

Cheers Andy, I'm sure there is a local group just thought I'd invite you guys over first of all, new area might turn something up of interest to you all. As for butterfly, All the common species, meadow brown, gatekeeper, peacock, common blue, small heath, red admiral, brimstone, comma, large skipper, large and small white. Funding the trap is the issue with regards buying one.