Thursday, 15 July 2010

Food For Fritz

This is the Dog Violet, larval food plant of Dark Green Fritillaries to look out for. Flowers from April to July, so I'm surprised I didn't notice any at Sheddon.


brian leecy said...

Could the foodplant be Marsh Violet ? as this is the commoner of the violets of the moors/wet flushes locally ,regards Bri.

TheBaldIbis said...

Yes Brian, Viola riviniana is listed as one of the food plants. There is some confusion over Dog Violets though as V. canina (Heath Dog Violet) is not listed by some authors where as V. riviniana (Common Dog Violet) is.
Thistles (in the general sense) are listed as THE favoured nectar plants for adults.
Various habitats, including coastal dunes and woodlands are also mentioned???????

TheBaldIbis said...

Just checking up on violets;
Marsh Violets V. palustris arin flower April - July
Common Dog Violet V. rivinians April - June
Heath Violet - V. canina April - June.
I didn't notice any of these on my visits to Sheddon as they may have just finished flowering. My plant i.d. skills are somewhat less than wonderful at the moment....still learning though.
It would be nice to see some kind of local distribution maps for such plants.