Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Old Lady On the Canal

Difficult times on the Rochdale Canal as I struggle around with a broken foot. Trying to do some gigs but in pain and frustrated.
Anyway…. As I hobbled my way to bed on Monday night, I was suddenly disorientated by what I first thought was a bird in the confined hall just outside the boat’s toilet. After the flapping had stopped I was stood looking at a very large moth on the tiled wall. None other than 2300 Old Lady Mormo Maura. Easily identified even though I have never seen her before. I have never had a Macro moth on my boat and now this. Pic and wing detail shown here. Not such a drab species as is often described. Winston

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brian leecy said...

Sorry to here about your foot Win,hope you are soon on the mend,all the best Bri,always nice to see old lady.